World of Zodiacal

Zodiacal is centered around the Chinese Zodiac. There is a kingdom for each Zodiac. The royal families for each Zodiac Kingdom are known as Zodiacals and have Elemental Abilities. The king and queen of each Zodiac kingdom lead their kingdom from their capital. The princes and princesses of teenage age are expected to represent their kingdom at the Zodiac Council. The fortress for the Zodiac Council, The Round Fortress, is located in the City of the Heavens. The Zodiac Council's job is to resolve conflicts between the kingdoms with negotiation to spare them from warfare. This can be difficult as each Zodiac Kingdom is aligned with a specific political and/or spiritual philosophy. The estimated real-world Solar Calendar time period of the story is The Age of Reason. The world takes place in China as if it had gone through the Age of Reason.

Troy: I have always hads an admiration and a want to know more about the Chinese Zodiac so I appreciate the opportunity to explore it as a central part to a story.

The Twelve Zodiac Kingdoms

The Rat Kingdom

Element: Mind

Opposite: Horse

Beliefs: Rationalism, mass education of public, natural sciences over faith

Real World Inspiration: Open political discussion and liturature of Western Europe in the Age of Reason

Basic Power: Photographic memory

Full Power: Read Minds

Zodical Personality: Intellectuals who often ignore spiritual perspectives

The Ox Kingdom

Element: Function

Opposite: Sheep

Beliefs: Being industrious and hard-working over lazy

Real World Inspiration: Factory work and poor factory conditions of the industrial revolution

Basic Power: Change function of simple objects slightly

Full Power: Change function of any object and self

Zodical Personality: Industrius and serious. They aim to be functional at any task

The Tiger Kingdom

Element: Fight

Opposite: Monkey

Beliefs: Spiritual conection to higher purpose and meaning in life

Real World Inspiration: Totalitarianism

Basic Power: Force shields and force blasts

Full Power: Indestructable force shields and force blasts

Zodical Personality: Spiritually unyielding. Changes in life confuse and hurt them

The Rabbit Kingdom

Element: Substance

Opposite: Rooster

Beliefs: Nature, past, history

Real World Inspiration: Calls to get back to the past in areas of world inflicted by Europe in the Age of Reason.

Basic Power: Change material of an object to a similiar material

Full Power: Change any material to another material

Zodical Personality: Shy and attempt to solve problems by striking them at thier root

The Dragon Kingdom

Element: Hurt

Opposite: Dog

Beliefs: Dominance of strong over weak and elitist economic divide

Real World Inspiration: Capitalism and nationalism

Basic Power: The ability to cause some torture to other's bodies, minds, and spirits

Full Power: Incredibly powerful torture to other's bodies, minds, and spirits

Zodical Personality: Abusive and tend to be bullies

The Snake Kingdom

Element: Quantity

Opposite: Pig

Beliefs: Purity, both ethically and racially

Real World Inspiration: Fascism and moral and spiritual correctness

Basic Power: Change number of selves and simple objects slightly

Full Power: Change number of selves and complex objects greatly

Zodical Personality: Manipulative and diplomatic

The Horse Kingdom

Element: Spirit

Opposite: Rat

Beliefs: Faith and magic over science and reason

Real World Inspiration: Religion, theocracy

Basic Power: Super strength

Full Power: Incredible super strength and industructability

Zodical Personality: They are eccentric and who prefer epic stories of strength and power over realistic stories

The Sheep Kingdom

Element: Form

Opposite: Ox

Beliefs: Funding of arts and increasing quality and happiness of people's lives over economic growth

Real World Inspiration: Artistic growth in the Age of Reason

Basic Power: Change one's form to another

Full Power: Change form of anything into anything

Zodical Personality: Artistic and creative and struggle with hard work and being productive

The Monkey Kingdom

Element: Flight

Opposite: Tiger

Beliefs: Freedom, deregulation, and chaos

Real World Inspiration: Anarchy

Basic Power: Aerial flight

Full Power: Invisibility and intangibility (the ability to escape any situation)

Zodical Personality: Fun loving, joking, and sarcastic

The Rooster Kingdom

Element: Flash

Opposite: Rabbit

Beliefs: Future, urban, progress, high-lifestyle

Real World Inspiration: Calls for progress, lavish lifestyle

Basic Power: Super speed

Full Power: Incredible super speed

Zodical Personality: Outgoing, extravagant, show-offy, and loud

The Dog Kingdom

Element: Heal

Opposite: Dragon

Beliefs: Protection of weak and communism

Real World Inspiration: Communism

Basic Power: To heal minor injuries

Full Power: Heal someone from moments to death

Zodical Personality: Caring and value their relationships, they like to protect and nurture

The Pig Kingdom

Element: Quality

Opposite: Snake

Beliefs: Tolerance, self-indulgence

Real World Inspiration: Calls fror greater tolerance

Basic Power: Change quality of something slightly

Full Power: Change quality of something completely

Zodical Personality: Self-indulgent on unhealthy habits and stand up for people who are deemed as a threat to themselves and/or society