World of Updraftia

This page is to explain how the Updraftian world operates. This page is not a complete knowledge bank, instead it has information the creators of Updraftia canon want to highlight.


Alphysics is a hard magic system in Updraftia. Knight have the ability to perform Alphysics. Alphysics allows knights to move energy from one object to another if they use the correct weapon. Most knights can only move one form of energy. The exception is the Red Knight, who, born once in a generation, can move all six forms of energy and convert on form of energy to another form. Each form of energy has a specific regret. The Red Knight is able to use all six forms because they are connected to all six regrets.


Color: Brown

Unit of Measurement: Mass

Weapon: Flail

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Seriousness

Regret: Mistake had big impact

The gravity spectrum deals with the seriousness of a situation. Gravity Knights remind other knights of the importance of their decisions. Light situations don't have much gravity compared to heavy situations. Gravity Knights are atuned to the gravity spectrum. They can be lighthearted but spring to a heavy heart when the situation is serious. If they seem goofy, don't judge, just tell them how what they are doing is hurtful and they will comply.


Color: Orange

Unit of Measurement: Temperature

Weapon: Ax

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Desire

Regret: Selfishness

The heat spectrum deals with how much something is desired. Heat Knights burn with desire. This desire can be fame, fortune, lust, or protection of loved ones. No matter what is desired, Heat Knights burn hot with it. Heat Knights remind other knights of how close they are to what they desire. Heat Knights are atuned to how close or far they are from what they desire. They are highly motivated and unyielding.


Color: Yellow

Unit of Measurement: Newtons

Weapon: Sword

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Action

Regret: Expression

The motion plane is the easiest to comprehend what is happening. Motion can be complex, simple, large, small, straight-forward, circuitous, and so much more. Motion Knights are natural statigists and are atuned to the world in motion around them. Motion Knights teach other knights when to express themselves. The motion spectrum deals with expression, as one's motions and actions are the truest form of expression. Motion Knights can sometimes deeply regret how the express themselves or try and stop themselves from expressing much. Other Motion Knights are very expressive. Regardless, they are defined by their expressiveness.


Color: Green

Unit of Measurement: Decibels and Sound Hertz

Weapon: Halberd

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Beliefs

Regret: Arrorgance

The sound spectrum is where beliefs are transmitted. Sound Knights are idealistic and go by their beliefs above all else, even if their beliefs are wrong. They must guard against arrogance as they are extra prone to it. Sound Knights find it to be an enjoyable pastime to disagree with others. Despite their bad traits, Ssound Knights are unyeilding to what they believe in, which can prove to be their greatest asset.


Color: Blue

Unit of Measurement: Calories

Weapon: Mace

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Identity

Regret: Of what could have been

The potential plane is the plane of what could be but isn't. Potential Knights have the most poignant personality as they try to live up to a self-chosen identity to a strong degree. They have the most extreme personalities. Potential Knights teach other knights about other options and new perspectives.


Color: Purple

Unit of Measurement: Candle Watts and Light Hertz

Weapon: Saber

Metaphysical Spectrum of: Knowledge

Regret: Factually a mistake

The light spectrum is where knowledge is discerned. Most people gather knowledge about their situation from their vision. Seeing is believing to a Light Knight. They are attuned to metacognition. Light Knights thinking is always fluid and doesn't get rigid. Light Knights are enlightened and noble individuals who attempt to do what is right. Light Knights teach other knights about the facts.

Power Systems in Updraftia


Knight means "servant" in the ancient language of Updraftia. Knights swear their fight, their life, and their death to a wizard, which wizard is up to them. Knights are naturally faith hungry and are drawn to the charisma of wizards. Someone is a knight if they can perform Alphysics. A knight can belong to many species. Knights are powered by regret and are drawn to wizards to find meaning in their suffering.


Wizard means, "God" in the ancient language of Updraftia. This is fitting due to their ability to perform seemingly impossible feats. Wizards can be both light or dark. Wizards can be any gender. The distinction between a witch and wizard in Updraftia isn't gender, but their personality. Wizards are born with an aura of charisma around them. This charisma affects knights in magical ways, some ways light and some ways dark. Wizards perform magic with a staff called a "Gander". Wizards are the leaders of Chivalric Orders due to their ability to persuade knights.


Witch means, "Goddess" in the ancient language of Updraftia. This is because witches are super-natural in beauty. Like wizards, witches can be both light and dark. Witches can also be any gender. Dark witches are bigoted, go with the social order, and try to hide their witchcraft. Witches dark forces can sometimes cause them to accidently poison romantic competition and cast love spells. Light witches seek social justice even if it means being burned at the stake. They don't hide their witchcraft and unnatural abilities. Witches perform magic with wands.


Chi is a reasource in Updraftia that is used to power hot air balloons. Since most of the land in updraftia floats in the sky, hot air balloon travel is immensely important (in some eras more than others). Chi is mostly grown on farms, but some people have the ability to create chi by harnessing the beauty of nature. This power is called "Donchi."