World of Trithos

Trithos takes place in a North America Native American world untouched by Europe. It is about people called thoses, who have elemental abilities. A thos is either an ethos, logos, pathos, or a trithos.

The Primary Thoses


Form of Matter: Gas

Examples: Air, Fire, Water Vapor, Smoke

Those with ethos powers do the kind thing above the logical and self-serving thing. They consider many things sacred and not meant for human power over.


Form of Matter: Liquid

Examples: Blood, Lava, Water

Those with logos powers do the logical thing over the kind or self-serving thing. They are cold and calculating and personal relationships mean very little to them other than to serve a function. They don't mind spilling blood, so long as it makes sense.


Form of Matter: Solid

Examples: Stone, Wood, Ice

Those with pathos powers do the self-serving thing rather than the kind or logical thing. They are dark and gritty and fueled by the empitness(es) of fear, guilt, shame, and/ or grief. They will follow their voids and doubt the existence of ethos.


Forms of Matter: Solid, Liquid, and Gas

Examples: All

Trithoses struggle with finding the balance between the three thoses as they have a connection to all three motivations. They are extremely rare.