Updraftia: Silver and Gold

Updraftia: Silver and Gold is the third attempt at a project by Updraftia Studios. The series is based on the slightly better than average written and poorly illustrated Updraftia Books series. It will not feature characters common in the books as it takes place five-hundred-and-thirty years prior. The central conflict in Updraftia: Silver and Gold is the war between the Silver and Gold Kingdoms. The Red Knight, or user of all six forms of alphysics, is Arlo Gold at this time. It will be CG animated.


The World of Updraftia

Updraftia in 1485

The era in Updraftian History when Updratia: Silver and Gold takes place is known as the era of light and shadow. This is because all of the Kingdoms were named after types of light. The Silver Kingdom and the Gold Kingdom don't refer to the metals, instead they refer to golden and silver light. The Silver Kingdom bases itself on the light of the moon while the Golden Kingdom bases itself on the light of the sun. The Silver and Gold Kingdoms have been at war for the last twenty years, ever since the Silver Kingdom invaded the Gold Kingdom. There are other kingdoms that have not taken sides in the war. One is the Orange kingdom, derived from the light of fire that isn't sunlight. These other kingdoms will get sucked into the global conflict.

Idealogical Divide

The Silver and Gold Kingdoms have a steep idealogical divide with one another.

The Gold Kingdom bases its values from sunlight. Gold is shiny yellow. Yellow is a color that is already energizing, making gold even more so. Beings from the gold light have great chi. They are spirited and unyielding. The trait of the gold is greatness. Gold beings have great courage but don't always believe in the need of having courage. Gold beings are all around brave, joyful, confident, and of strong spirits. Gold's self alignment is to do what you want to do, even if it doesn't help others. Gold is the color of service to self and building one's chi. Gold idealology is to love yourself even if you are the most evil person to ever live, from this they believe true happiness is born. The Gold Kingdom believes subject have a undeniable right to live meaningful lives and that each person's own self is the source of all light in the universe. Gold is about doing something that is enjoyable because it is enjoyable. Gold is also reflective.

The Silver Light is opposite the Gold Light. The Silver Kingdom bases its color from moonlight. Silver is shiny white, a color symbolic of purity. When shiny it is almost mirror like. This trait shows silver's retrospection. Silver light is unspirited and with almost otherworldy wisdom. The trait of silver is goodness. Beings from the Silver Light have weak spirit. Silver beings are all around cowardish, depressed, and unconfident. They believe in having courage and look within themselves for it, but can't always find it. Silver's self alignment is selflessness. They believe in helping others even if they don't want to. Service to others is where they believe a better world lies. The Silver Kingdom believes subjects are naturally evil and need to be strongly regulated to protect the world from perversion. They believe wizards, with their silver hair, are the source of all light in the universe.


The intro is the video that plays before almost every episode. Below is a link to a page with more information on the intro.

Developing the Intro for Updraftia: Silver and Gold

Animation Art

Developing the Animation Art for Updraftia: Silver and Gold


Developing the Music for Updraftia: Silver and Gold

Voice Acting

Voice Acting for Updraftia: Silver and Gold

Martial Arts

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