Ninjago: Unplugged

Ninjago: Unplugged is a LEGO Ninjago fan-fiction. It takes place when the Ninja are adults and is more gritty and mature than the animated series as it is aimed at teens and older rather than children. The ninja are adults now and married with children. Wu has since passed away from old age leaving the Ninja to their own elements to teach their children wisdom. There is an untold number of books, each consisting of ten chapters. The villains will be diverse and unique.

Author: Troy Augustus Carpenter

The Ninja in Period


Lloyd has grown into a less idealist Green Ninja. He is no longer so green, but rather tough and gritty.

Andy is eager to please Lloyd and very idealistic. He would do anything for his father's abundant respect. He struggles to keep pace with his father's confidence. His growth is centered around the harsh reality of the world and that the ideals he takes pride in belonging to often leave problems unsolved.

Jay and Nya

Jay is now super mature and handles things with wise words of what a bigger person would do. Nya is more willing to try new things than ever and has come to peace with some of her violent tendencies. When not being a Ninja, she relaxes on beach or makes artwork. She doesn't care what anyone thinks about her.

Oceania is eager to get into fights with people. She is no funny business and finds her parents, among others, too laid back.

JJ is much like his father when younger, but in many ways worse. He lacks focus, purpose, and dedication. His growth revolves around him learning maturity.

Kai and Skylor

Kai is now an acclaimed blacksmith and ninja master throughout the lands. He has grown tired and peaceful as an adult having let his violent youth be the more challenging part to his life. Skylor has embraced her role as orange ninja. As the most rooky, she is the regular operative for minor problems.

Due to Kai's uninterested personality and minimal involvement, Aziz has raised himself for the most part. He is independent and hasn't learned to rely on his parents to comfort him. Things that are difficult scare him as he doesn't know how to rely on others to help him through difficulties. His growth revolves around learning he is a part of something.

Zane and Pixal

Zane's new advanced future tech OS allows him to have complete human emotions and autonomy. He is clumsy with his new emotions and often rebels against the other ninja but retains his loyality to them. Pixal has become one with the cyber world and can connect to any digital device. Although she was built to assist inventing, she has now become a knowledge goddess with all the information she has access to.

Minerva lacks Zane's future tech OS and is only partially autonomous. Like her father, she has been programmed to help those who cannot help themselves. Her greatest flaw is that she is often too obedient to bad advise.


Cole is now brave and puts his body and spirit in danger no matter the cost. He is fearless and is often the first to jump into battle or risk everything and everyone he holds dear for the mission. He is still wise to not be too wasteful with his bravery, but he has unlocked the limits of what he can tolerate in life.

Basset is dense and cowardly. He fears death, guilt, shame, and grief and often feels limited. His growth revolves around him learning to stand up for what he knows is right.


  1. Season 1: The Phantom Menace
    1. Trans-Oceanic Ninja


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