Ninjago: Art of the Ninja

Ninjago: Art of the Ninja is a discontinued fan-fiction based on LEGO Ninjago. It ran from early 2017 to mid 2018.

Author: Troy Augustus Carpenter

Book 1: Fire

  1. The Sword of Invincibility
  2. The Great Story
  3. Finders Keepers, Keepers Duty
  4. Haunted Forest, The Girl with the Torch
  5. See Past Friday Night
  6. The Shinto
  7. The Beast Mountian
  8. The Fire That Sustains the World
  9. The City of Secrets
  10. The Day of Danju
  11. The Night of Danju
  12. Twilight on the Dengyu River

Book 2: Dogma

  1. The Pact
  2. Need for Belief
  3. The Hotel Where Dreams Come True
  4. Weathering Fusion Dragon
  5. The Black Lion
  6. The Master of Fire
  7. Green Heart
  8. Leaders' Forge
  9. Lightning Strikes
  10. Facets on Superiority Punishment
  11. The Meaning of Life is Simple
  12. The Living in the Departed Realm
  13. Love Under Fire
  14. Operation Soaring Dragon
  15. The Unused Iron
  16. Wings
  17. The Power of Iron
  18. Natural Regulation

Book 3: The House of Zhu

  1. Win the War
  2. Shortcut
  3. Power of a Memory
  4. Skeleton in the Closet
  5. The Gloves are Off