Ninjago CG Assets

Ninjago CG assets from Updraftia Studios all for free.

Mini Figures

Blend File

Here is the blank Lego mini-figure version 1. It is rigged. It is also UV unwrapped to work with the image textures provided below. It is a blender file. It has sample image textures for Kai's ZX suit packed into it. The image texture slots will need to be loaded with the image textures for the given character.

UV Layouts

UV Layouts are maps of how the image textures will be placed on the 3d object. The UV Layouts are not needed unless you are creating your own image textures.

Arm_L_UVLO.svg Arm_R_UVLO.svg Face_UVLO.svg Hand_L_UVLO.svg Hand_R_UVLO.svg Leg_L_UVLO.svg Leg_R_UVLO.svg Torso_Head_UVLO.svg